Importance of Mathematical Education

Mathematical Education is a practice of learning and teaching Mathematics to solve the problems which include different algorithms and formulas necessary for the computation process. Nowadays, Mathematics is essential in all aspects of our life.  Math is a language of Science and Engineering. It plays a central role in our daily life. It develops problem-solving skills, logical thinking and reasoning skills.  It is all around us and also in the technologies in our hands.

All the branches of Mathematics are interrelated and interpenetrating, which result in the advancement of the new concept. The two main branches of Mathematics such as Number System and Algebra are the fundamentals for all the branches. The number system includes the study of different numbers, such as natural and whole numbers, real numbers, rational and irrational numbers, complex and imaginary numbers, whereas algebra deals with the study of different arithmetic operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Learning Mathematics results in the development of many fruitful values. Everyone needs some level of specific Mathematical knowledge to make our life orderly, and to prevent chaos. Mathematics nurtures certain qualities such as critical thinking, spatial thinking, logical thinking.  It results in a positive attitude, such as open-mindedness, reasoning, and problem-solving. Mathematics helps to justify the reasons, creates mystery and sparks creativity. It is the building block of everything in today’s scenario. It deals with the quantity, measurements and shapes of the objects.

In modern society, Mathematics provides a vital underpinning of the knowledge of the economy. It is the basis for other disciplines such as Physical Science, Engineering, Technology Development, Financial Services, Banking, and so on. These various disciplines use Mathematics in terms of numbers, measurements like kilogram, litre etc., properties of different shapes like properties of parallelogram, rhombus, cylinder, cone, square, rectangle, etc. Mathematics gives us a way to understand the world. It helps to predict the future, and it helps to quantify the things. So, Mathematics is considered as a powerful tool for global communication. Through Math, we can make sense of the world by solving all the complex problems.

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