What Kinds of Bills Can You Pay at a Check-Cashing Store?

Did you know that check-cashing stores do more than just cash checks? It’s true. Most check-cashing stores these days offer a full variety of products and services, including short-term loans and electronic bill pay. You can go down to many local check-cashing stores in your area and pay all sorts of bills through them.

What kinds of bills? That depends on the store. Just as an example, ACE Cash Express works with more than 13,000 merchants, including AT&T and Dish Network. That is a lot of merchants and a lot of bills. Chances are that most of the regular bills you pay can be handled through a national check-cashing chain. Your choices may be limited with local or regional check-cashing outlets.

Mobile Phone Bills

Who doesn’t have a mobile phone these days, right? We are willing to bet you have one. If so, it is quite possible that you can pay your monthly bill at a check-cashing store. T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and most of the other carriers already accept online bill payments made using PCs and mobile devices. Your local check-cashing store can probably make a payment for you. [Do we take these billers at our stores?]

Utility Bills

How do you pay for your utility bills like electric and gas? If your provider accepts online payments, it is likely that you can also take your bills down to a check-cashing store and pay them there. You may only need to provide your name and account number but you can bring your utility bill in to be as accurate as possible. [Do you have to have a bill at our stores?  If not, then the foregoing is fine.  If so, then we should revise.]

Municipal Water Bills

Next up are municipal water bills. They are a bit more dicey given that municipalities may not necessarily be up to speed with online payments yet. And even those that do accept online payments may offer only limited options for doing so. Your best bet is to visit your local check-cashing store and ask. If so, that is one less check you have to put in the mail. [Do we take these?]

Credit Card Bills

The bill pay services offered by major check-cashing franchises even include credit card bills. Why would you pay a credit card this way? Perhaps your payment is due tomorrow and you forgot to send a check. Maybe you just like the convenience of electronic payment. There are plenty of great reasons for using a check-cashing store to pay your bill.

Everything Else

The four kinds of bills mentioned here do not even begin to scratch the surface. As previously mentioned, ACE Cash Express can pay bills for 13,000 merchants.  The point to understand here is that paying bills at your local check-cashing store is easy and convenient.  You could probably get away without ever writing another check.

Of course, electronic bill pay does not come for free. Check-cashing stores generally charge flat fees for their services. But if you are looking for the convenience and speed that electronic bill pay offers, that may be your best solution.

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