Start Walking for Fitness – Why Not Begin in Greece?

Marilyn found out that she needed to exercise more. Her love of food and lack of exercise had caught up with her, and she needed to reduce her cholesterol count. Her doctor suggested that she take up walking, as the activity would not strain her joints and muscles and was an easier solution. Marilyn agreed. However, she wanted to add a bit of interest to the activity.

Walking for Fun and Adventure

Why not, she thought to herself, find routes to walk that are fun and beautiful to see? She thought she would begin with walking holidays in Greece. Her friend, Lydia, thought Marilyn was crazy, but crazy in a good way. “What a great excuse,” Lydia exclaimed, “to go on holiday!” The two older women decided they would journey to Greece in a couple months when Marilyn had two weeks off from work. In the meantime, they would prepare for their escape by walking on a nearby track.

Marilyn said, “There’s a lot of great places to explore in Greece! I thought we would take a walking tour of West Crete.” Lydia thought that was an ideal plan. She was already choosing walking shoes for the trip.

A Self-Guided Walking Escape

The West Crete tour spans from the first of April and runs until October. This self-guided tour is somewhat challenging, as walkers need to walk some inclines. However, the walk is truly gorgeous, as it features gorgeous and stunning, unforgettable views. This seven-night tour option begins at Paleochora, where walkers arrive by taxi or by public transport from the Heraklion Airport or Chania. Paleochora is a pleasant seaside town that offers a nice beginning walk for visitors.

Where the Walk Officially Starts

Located on the southwest coast, Paleochora is one of the larger villages in this part of the country. The true walking begins along a path known as 99 Monks trail from the village of Azogires. Walkers pass olive groves and various types of scenery, including a Byzantine church.

Taking a Ferry Ride

Walkers who visit the area from June to September can experience a ferry ride from Paleochora to the Elafonissi Lagoon, which departs from Monday through Saturday. From this point, you walk back towards Paleochora, enjoying the coastal area.

Prepare for a Walking Trip Today

Whilst some of the paths were challenging for the two women, they were quickly planning their next walking trip to Greece when all was said and done. However, Greece is not the only place you can visit. You can choose walking holidays all over Europe. All you need to have is a spirit of adventure and a good pair of hiking or walking shoes.

Find Out What You’ll Need to Take

To plan for an excursion, review the towns and areas that each country features on its walking holidays. Learn more about the area online and decide when you want to travel. You will also need to find out what you need to take in terms of documentation, such as passport, Visa, and similar paperwork. Prepare for your trip so you know what to expect.

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