What Do You Know About Roller Shutter Doors?

When it comes to looking for secure doors for your company, there are a lot of options to consider. Of course, the safety and security of the contents and people behind that door are important, but depending on the nature of your business, privacy and durability also play an enormous role. Having a cheap, thin, wooden door before a room that holds your business’s products is something that would never work out well. Likewise, having a heavy metal door in front of a closet is also impractical. If you are looking for a door that provides the privacy that your company needs and is durable, secure, and easy to operate, you might want to consider a shutter door.

Shutter doors, or more specifically roller shutter doors, are designed to be a type of door that provides a large amount of security for a small amount of hassle and trouble. With that being said, there are a few different versions of these kinds of doors, with each one having its benefits over another. Unlike traditional doors, these doors open through a roller shutter and not with a doorknob. This increases the security drastically, as now you will not have to worry about somebody picking or breaking the lock to the door. If you want to know more about what a roller shutter door can offer your business, consider looking at https://www.auto-roll.com/catalog/commercial-roller-shutter-doors to learn more.

What Types of Shutter Doors Are There?

The main difference between shutter doors is the size. Nobody really wants to purchase a door that is far too large or small for its frame. Generally, smaller doors will be set to a more specific height and length, while the larger ones are more customisable. The smaller doors tend to be closer to 900 millimetres wide and 2,100 millimetres tall, which will fit most standard doorway openings. Sometimes, these doors will be slightly larger so that 75-millimetre guides can be placed to each side and that there is around 300 millimetres for the roll of the door. This is something to consider when you are looking at the doorframe. These doors are also electrically operated with a rocker switch, which can make it easier for your employees to open and close the doors as they wish, rather than struggling with it.

The other type of shutter door are the ones that are customisable in size. These doors can range from the 3,200-millimetre-wide range to the 4,500 millimetre range, meaning that you will surely be able to find a shutter door that suits your needs. If you are looking for a shutter door that is a little bit smaller than this, there are several that range from being 2,000 millimetres wide to being 3,000 millimetres wide. All of these doors are thankfully made to measure, which means that you will be able to get a door installed that suits the needs of your business.

Why Should You Consider a Shutter Door?

Shutter doors are one of your best options when you need to consider the privacy and security of your business. More often than not, these doors do not have windows, which drastically increases the privacy of your business. Many of the doors are made from a type of steel, which make them far more durable than any other type of door. These are all things you will want to think about when you choose the next door for your business.

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