Understanding the Cost of Brexit on Staple Groceries

The Brexit saga has dragged on for much longer than anticipated, and as we currently stand it is predicted that the UK is to face high inflation on food prices and other grocery items for the next five years at least. As the cost of living increases across the board, from food to gas and electricity, and high street items, it is hard to get a grip on your personal finances and understand how to budget accordingly. As life changes for the people of Britain, how will we be affected with our staples in the future, and what can we do to ensure that we can afford to pay for groceries at the level we are accustomed to?

With the price of staple goods increasing, as well as utility prices and petrol prices on the increase it is more important than ever that each household creates a strict budget and sticks to it as often as possible. If you are in a position to put away some money into savings, now is the time to do it, as with the uncertainty of Brexit (even down to the date the UK is to sever ties with the EU), we don’t know when we will need that extra bit of financial help.

On top of the inflation in grocery prices linked to Brexit, we are also looking at technological advancements that might help to make the entire grocery shopping experience a more pleasant one, with trials for supermarkets with no tills currently underway.

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