Roof Maintenance: Ventilation Inspection for Sure Comfort

To ensure that your roof is able to withstand extreme weather, it is important to schedule an inspection for preventative maintenance such as roof repair at minimum once a year. To ensure maximum comfort, make sure you include attic ventilation during your inspection.

Ventilation is essential to protect your attic against damage from extreme summer heat and excessive moisture in winter. Ventilation also makes your roof materials last longer and prevents ice dams from forming. This can help to reduce mold growth which can be dangerous for your health.

These are the steps that your contractor will take when inspecting your ventilation system to make sure your vents work properly.

  1. Roofers will inspect your soffit vents and make sure they are open to airflow. Baffles may be installed to maintain good ventilation and clear soffit areas.
  2. To ensure air flows properly, contractors will inspect the sheathing beneath the ridge vents. They will cut it by at least 3 inches. Contractors will also clean out any debris, such as rotten leaves or animal nests. This is especially important in the fall and winter. Vents should be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure effective ventilation.
  3. Your attic insulation will be checked by inspectors to see if it is infested. This could cause it not to function properly. Hot air can escape from insulation that is damaged and this leads to heat loss. This can significantly impact your energy consumption. It is recommended that insulation materials be between 10 and 12 inches thick.

It is important to include a checkup on your attic ventilation as part of your roof inspection. This will help you keep your home cool, and regulate your energy use.

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