Order Online Custom Velcro Patches And See Your Design Beautify Your Cloths

What are Hook and Loop fasteners?

  • Hook and loop fasteners are also known as Velcro straps commonly.
  • These straps are attached to the thing which is to be fastened and also on which it is to be fastened on.
  • When these two hook and loops are pressed together, they get attached.
  • These Velcro straps can be fastened on cloths by either sewing these straps with the cloth or attaching the straps with Iron-on tape and then hot pressing the whole arrangement with a hot iron.
  • The greatest advantage that Velcro straps give us is that they are detachable and produces a ‘ripping’ sound when they are pulled apart.

Custom Velcro Patches:

Ways you might obtain them

  • You can make it yourself.
  • You can order it online providing the online designing company with your design.
  • How to make it yourself?
  • Choose your design which you want to get embroidered.
  • Make sure you have all the colours of the design sorted out.
  • You will also have to make sure that you have all the coloured threads required for your design.
  • Layout the design on a piece of cloth and make the background with a suitable colour.
  • Then add details to your design, which will require patience and sewing skills with suitable coloured threads.
  • Heat-seal the embroidered patch.
  • Then add your Velcro straps to both your cloth and your heat-sealed embroidered patch.
  • You can order it online too
  • Ordering custom Velcro patches online will take much less time and will be cost-effective too because the company which will provide you with the embroidered custom Velcro patch they are involved in mass production.
  • They already have different shapes ready for you in which you will have to choose the shape in which your design will suit best.
  • Order the design online after you place your custom design over their pre-designed shape or the outline.
  • The design will be delivered to you in no time.

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