Modifying Your Home for Disabilities

Even though we think that physical disabilities won’t happen to us or those we love, sometimes they do for whatever reason. Whether it’s old age, an accident, or an illness, when a person is stricken with a physical disability, the home must be modified to accommodate them.

Modify the Front Entry

The biggest problem people face is getting into the home, as most homes require a person to walk up a few steps to reach the front door. Some homes already have a separate entrance that doesn’t require stairs, but not all do.

If the only entrance to your home uses stairs, you will need to modify them to allow people in a wheelchair to enter. The most common way is to build or install a wheelchair ramp to cover the stairs.

Widen Hallways and Doorways

To ensure that your home is wheelchair accessible, you will need to widen the hallways and doorways. As this requires structural changes to your home, you want to find somebody specialising in house building plans in Sandwell.

Here are some things to keep in mind when widening doorways and hallways.

  • Make all doorways at least one metre wide
  • Remove all rugs
  • Make sure that all flooring is smooth

Update the Bathroom

The most challenging area of the home for people in a wheelchair is the bathroom. The first thing to do is install grab bars near the toilet to make transferring the person easier. If you have a tub, it will need to be removed and replaced with a roll-in style shower or one with a very low lip.

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