Main Reasons Why Tradies Opt for a Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is one of the most popular vehicles in Australia, you’ll see everyone from farmers to electricians driving around in this model. This is no coincidence, the model from Toyota is perfect for tradespeople across the country. It is consistently one of the best-selling commercial vehicles on the market. If you are a busy tradesman, nothing beats driving around in a Hilux every day.

Dependability – You can always rely on a Toyota product; they are one of the most popular car models in the country. They don’t get this popularity from looking good, although many of their vehicles are easy on the eyes. The Toyota Hilux is a reliable vehicle, it won’t break down under pressure, ensuring you have a vehicle that will last. If you are working as a tradie, you can’t afford to have a car which constantly needs attention. Your business won’t flourish unless you can depend on a good quality vehicle. A brand-new Hilux isn’t just popular amongst buyers, if you look at Canberra second-hand cars, you’ll find that the majority of tradies opt for a Toyota Hilux when buying a used vehicle.

Value for Money – The Hilux doesn’t come with some of the fancy extras you’ll find in other vehicles, but it is definitely value for money. If you buy a standard model, you’ll get Bluetooth, MP3 players and easy to maintain vinyl seats. You have the option of adding some extra features if you need them, when buying a used vehicle, you’ll discover some outstanding discounts on the Toyota Hilux.

Invincible – The Toyota Hilux has been described as many things, one of them being invincible. If you are a fan of the show Top Gear, you may have seen the series where they coined the term the “Invincible Hilux”, simply because this vehicle can stand up to anything. It has a reputation that cannot be matched by any other model in its price range, all tradesmen know that if you want a reliable, durable vehicle for your business, nothing comes close to a Hilux. There have been many shows where they’ve tried to destroy the Hilux, in the end it just kept driving away. Toyota’s already legendary status for building robust vehicles as been taken up a notch by the Hilux.

Drivability – The Hilux isn’t just good for transporting your tools from one job to the next, it can be driven anywhere in comfort. If you are buying a light commercial vehicle and you’ve chosen a Hilux, you’ll be happy to know that it handles great on narrow dusty roads along the outback or on busy highways running through major cities. The Hilux is comfortable, easy to handle with an independent front suspension.

As an electrician, bricklayer or plumber, you need to focus on your business throughout the year. Getting to jobs on time is an important part of your service, you can’t afford to worry about transport when travelling from A to B. Tradesmen in Australia choose the Toyota Hilux because it is dependable, offers great value for money, is well-built and safe.

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