How To Search The ACRA Financial Database For Corporate Financial Statements

Are you looking for corporate A CRA financial statements? ACRA’s (the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore) financial database is a great place to start. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to search the ACRA Financial Database for corporate financial statements. Let’s get started!

Steps To Search ACRA Financial Statements:

To search for corporate financial statements in ACRA’s Financial Database, you can follow these easy steps:

– Go to the ACRA website and click on “Search our Registers” under the “For Businesses” tab.

– On the next page, select “Financial Statements” from the dropdown menu and click on “Submit.”

– On the next page, you can choose to search by company name or ACRA number. If you are not sure of the company’s ACRA number, you can search by keyword instead.

– Once you have entered all the relevant information, click on “Search.”

You will then be able to view a list of all the corporate financial statements that have been filed with ACRA. You can filter your results by year and type of statement. You can also download the statements in PDF format.


ACRA’s Financial Database is a great resource for finding corporate financial statements. You can search by company name or ACRA number, and you can filter your results by year and type of statement. The database also includes PDF versions of the statements. Happy searching!

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