How to Clean and Maintain your Washing Machine

Your washing machine and detergent perform a lot of hard work to get your laundry clean and fresh. Also, they get work to get rid of the mud and stains your active children can bring home on their clothes. This is the reason you must give your machine regular care and cleaning. Without regular cleaning, it can get smelly. Here are ways to keep your laveuse LG clean and odour-free.

Clean the Detergent Drawer

Do you own a front-loading machine? If so, the detergent drawer of your washer can get dirty. Remove the drawer and clean it thoroughly. Follow the instructions on your manual when removing it to avoid damage. But, a lot of drawers tend to pop out easily without unscrewing involved. Use a bleach spray and an old toothbrush for scrubbing the drawer. But, you can also bring out the baking soda for this. Mix a quarter of a cup of baking soda with an equivalent amount of water. This solution can be added to the detergent container of your machine. Perform this cleaning method once every three months to detergent residue does not build up.

Clean the Lint Filter

When the lint is damp, it can also cause odour so remove it from the filter every week. Before opening the filter compartment, put a towel on the floor below so that trapped water cannot spill over the floor. Clean the filter in the sink.

Use Vinegar

Pour in three cups of distilled white vinegar and run a hot water cycle empty. This flushes out bacteria and mould from the drum. If you don’t like to use vinegar, just use hot water.

Scrub Away Any Remaining Grime

When stubborn spots remain, deal with by using the rough side of your kitchen sponge and a mix of one part white vinegar and one part water. Repeat this clearing method once every month.

If your washing machine is finally free of nasty odours, focus on keeping it that way. For front-loaders, detergents made for high-efficiency machines must be used. This is because normal detergents can produce more suds than what your machine can handle. Also, ensure the drum does not stay damp for a long period of time. After a cycle ends, remove the laundry promptly and leave the door open when it is not in use to allow moisture to escape. Don’t forget to clean the gasket as it can have debris trapped in it that could cause some unpleasant odours.

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