Here is What You Should Expect in Cryotherapy

In cryotherapy on the South Shore, our clinic is fully equipped with highly trained, certified and well versed with advantages, safety, and leading edge technology used in rejuvenating therapies. This article emphasizes on what you should expect in cryotherapy.

Before treatment

Consult our experts about your particular issues. Ensure that you ask them any questions and they will get you well acquainted with the benefits it can bestow upon your experience. Before you visit us, ensure that you don’t expose your skin to any lotion and extra moisture on your skin for at least an hour before the treatment. Apart from this, do not put on any kind of metal jewelry below your neck.

As 90 percent of your skin requires to be exposed to the cool air, our clinic will offer you an outfit for your treatment. This entails:

  1. Socks
  2. Non-slip slippers
  3. Specially designed gloves
  4. Shorts, if needed

During the treatment

As we want to fully make sure that you understand the entire process completely, we will take some time to address to all your questions fully and enlighten you with this state of art technology. This normally takes around 15 to 30 minutes. The treatment itself tend to last for two to three minutes, on the basis of your condition. During the treatment, you will feel a rush of cold air, the temperature being around -240 degrees F. This complete treatment works rapidly and is effective and bestows you with many benefits over the conventional ice bath therapies.

How does cryotherapy work?

Cryotherapy tends to warm your core, shrink the pores and push the blood on your skin surface. Blood and lymph flow are immensely impacted by cryotherapy. The process is also useful in flushing out the toxins like lactic acids to stimulate the healing. Cryotherapy never freezes your muscles and never interrupts the flow of oxygen to your skin. In other words, the healing process is never stalled while the treatment is ongoing. Rather than that, the brain tends to send the signals in your entire body that send the nutrient filled red blood cells to the impacted areas and a flow of mood boosting endorphins that are released in your brain.


  1. It reduces cellulite, blemishes, and acne
  2. It boosts metabolism for weight loss
  3. It increases collagen to even skin tone and reduces wrinkles

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