Everything You Need to Know About Security Screen Doors

In the majority of Australia, window and door screens are common building features. They allow air to circulate in hot weather while preventing the entry of insects. Fly screens offer very little in terms of security and can be easily ripped or broken through, on the other hand, security screen and window grids are strong enough to withstand most forced entry attempts while retaining the benefit of fly screens.

Home Security screen protection benefits

Unlike ordinary screens, high-quality security screens are designed with advanced features to improve the security of your doors and windows. Security screens must be extremely resistant to various elements such as bad weather, external force and impact, as well as attempts to cut or damage them.

Aluminium mesh panels are used as a penetration-resistant shield behind Bunbury security screens windows and doors to provide increased security and protection. The mesh itself is responsible for the protective quality of these screens: The security mesh is engineered to ensure that the aluminium mesh provides maximum impact and cutting resistance qualities.

Child and animal-proofing for your windows: safety screens are ideal for windows on higher floors, because they can prevent the fall from any open windows. In homes with children and pets, they can be particularly useful. If even your property is only two stories high, there remains a risk that children and animals will fall out of windows and balconies. Security screens are a strong protective barrier if your precious children are interested in what they see out of the window and attempt to, ‘go for it’.

Improved airflow and still able to see the views: The best thing about safety screens is that you do not have to compromise anymore with outside views or natural ventilation in order to have a safer window. While security screens are finely woven, they can still efficiently allow the flow of natural air into your home to ensure your home is a comfortable place to be, even with the windows closed throughout the day.

And, they look good too!

With its fine mesh, security screens are perfectly blended with nearly all sorts of doors and windows. It is a subtle characteristic that doesn’t affect your opening’s original design, making your house front look clean and sleek. In fact, adding a safety screen door and a window sometimes adds a contemporary appeal to your home’s aesthetics. What more could you ask for? Improved security all round opposed to things like fly screens and, they look good too!


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