Domestic Services Every Homeowner Needs

If you are the proud owner of your first home, there’s a lot to take onboard and building maintenance is part and parcel of property ownership. In order to manage a home, you need to hook up with a few tradespeople and with that in mind, here are some essential services that you will probably need one day.

  • Plumber – Sooner or later, you will notice damp patches that are likely due to a leaking water pipe; dripping taps are another common occurrence, which is something your local plumber can handle.
  • Electrician – Whether you want to know the average cost to rewire a house in Leicester or you have a burst water pipe in the upstairs bathroom, Google is your best friend and can help you to locate a local electrician.
  • Roofing contractor – This is the guy to call in once a year for a roof inspection, when he will clean out the guttering and downpipes and check for missing tiles. Should there be any minor issues, repairs should be carried out immediately, which minimises cost.
  • Satellite TV engineer – He (or she) can make sure you have a clear reception with precise dish alignment, plus he can also set up a Broadband connection and install a couple of wireless routers around the house.
  • Locksmith – Hoping you’ll never need the locksmith’s services; scenarios include locking yourself out, losing your keys, lock malfunction and post burglary. He can also gain access to your car when you leave the keys in the ignition and is the man to see about digital locking and other forms of home security.

If you store these numbers in your smartphone, any time you need a service, a simple call is all it takes.

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