Do You Need A Product Key For Windows 10 Pro? Find Here!

Critics and users have praised Windows 10 alike. It brings the feel of Windows 7 and is feature-oriented at the same time. When Windows 10 was first launched, upgrades were available for free for both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. As of 2017, you have to get a product key to activate and use the full version of Windows 10. The new OS was launched in two basic editions – Home and Professional. Windows 10 Pro was designed as the more security-oriented version of the OS, which has all the good things of Home but better features like BitLocker and a special Business store for Windows. You have to use a product key, and in this post, we are discussing more on how to buy Windows 10 Pro for your system.

Requirement for a product key

Think of the product key as a pass for your hotel room. You need to have it to access your room. Microsoft does allow users to download and use Windows 10 Pro for free, but to use the full suite of features, you need the key. It is also pretty annoying when the OS reminds you time and again that your version of Windows is not ‘genuine’. Add to that, there will be a watermark on your screen that will ask to ‘Activate Windows’. Since Windows 10 Pro is designed for professionals, activation is not really a choice, especially for personalization and security features. Product keys are not technically new to Microsoft products, give that the company uses the option to ensure that one version is used on one computer only.

Buying Windows 10 Pro

If you want to buy a product for Windows 10 Pro, you can either choose to get it from the official website of Microsoft or from third-party vendors. These vendors basically work with resellers and get product keys in bulk. These are retail keys, which are offered at a discount because of the nature of purchase. You can choose the right service, pay for the purchase, and the key will be sent to your email. Always buy key for the version of Windows 10 downloaded and installed. To be more precise, you cannot activate Windows 10 Pro with a Home key.

Final word

Windows 10 Pro does offer a few advantages and better security than Home edition. Activate your version to make the most of it – Check online now!

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