Did You Know That Supporting Local Businesses Helps the Economy?

Rugby’s high streets no longer see nearly as many consumers as they once did which has a direct knock-on effect on the local economy. Some studies show that for every £100 you spend locally could mean that up to £70 of that money stays in the local economy, which, incidentally, is a ‘massive’ return that, if lost, will eventually see the closure of ‘local shops’ well, and for good.

Keep your Town alive

By using local shops and, by purchasing your goods in person rather than buying from an online profit driven, money making machine you can help local businesses, and yourself in the following ways;

  • Laws of attraction – if local businesses have less income, then they will need to save money and, cut costs. This means that, things like, mobility stair lifts in Rugby, will change, in terms of quality and customer care.
  • Local, independent stores tend to return around ¾ of the money spent in their business back into the local economy, which, simply doesn’t happen, if they don’t sell as much.
  • Small businesses are/were responsible for around 65% of all local employment, imagine what would happen if, you work for one of these local companies, but you purchase online to save a few pennies and, everybody else did the same?

And the environment

As well as helping to maintain the local economy you will also be helping the environment, or at least, could do, in the long run. Because local, smaller businesses create less of a ‘carbon footprint’ and are, generally more thoughtful about how they conduct themselves.

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